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Industrial sinks collection The ceramic sinks inspired by first '900

Catino collection The well know awarded bathroom collection


One basin set

1.970,00 1.620,00

Catino Bench 60Catino Bench Detail
Available for backorder
Catino squared basin set

Squared basin set

3.000,00 2.690,00

Catino Bench DetailCatino Bench 100
Available for backorder
Catino Axis Washing
Catino Wash basin 80H35Catino Wash basin 80H35
Catino double basin set

Double basin set

3.820,00 3.280,00

Catino Bench DetailCatino Bench 140
Available for backorder
Catino shelves set

Shelves set


Catino wash basin 60 H18
Catino wash basin 80 H18
Catino Shelf 100
Available for backorder
Catino Shelf 100
Available for backorder
Catino rail towelCatino lateral rail towel detail
Catino toiletCatino toilet hight view
Catino bidetCatino bidet high view
Catino suspended toiletCatino suspended toilet
Catino suspended bidetCatino suspended bidet
Catino Seat&Cover Soft Close
Catino Seat&Cover